Brother and Sister Officers,

Sixteen years ago many heroes gave their lives in the performance of their duties during the attack on the WTC and the Pentagon. We all honor and remember the sacrifice made by our own Capt. Harry Thompson, Sergeant Mitch Wallace, and Sergeant Tommy Jurgens on that day. Please also honor and remember the sacrifice of the heroes who died later on because of their exposure to the toxins in the air at Ground Zero. Our own Lt. Teddy Loeutsakas. Lt. Chris Lamendola, and SCO Jeff Hairie all succumbed to cancer as a direct result of the performance of their duty at ground zero.

Whether heroes died on or after 9-11, they sacrificed their health and their lives for us. Everyone who stepped up to help in the rescue and recovery efforts on or after 9-11 were answering a call to do good. I believe that call came from God.

Bless and comfort the families of those lost on or after 9-11
Bless and comfort those suffering from 9-11 related illnesses,
Bless and keep our departed brothers and sisters
especially those who laid down their lives to protect us on and after 9-11

F.O.C.O. Chaplain
Retired Sgt.Francis Barry

We ask all our members throughout the state to observe a moment of silence or attend a memorial service honoring all those who gave their lives on that day so others may live.