Brother and Sister Officers,
Thanks to the dedicated work of C.O. Craig Flynn, C.O. Jeanette Reichle, S.C.O. Tom Quinn, retired Lt. Ed Jakubek and Anthony Beneri, our third Annual F.O.C.O. Memorial Golf outing was a great success.  Our golfers enjoyed a beautiful day at the Glen Cove Golf Course and were treated to the first solar eclipse in 99 years. Special thanks to Jeanette Reichle for bring extra viewing glasses so that everyone had a chance to catch a glimpse of this rare occurrence.
The families and friends of Major Martin D’Amico and C.O. Susan Gerner were moved by the tribute to the memory of their loved ones.  Funds raised by this event are earmarked to assist with our 10-13 projects throughout the year.
Anyone interested in golfing at Glen Cove Golf Course can contact John Grella (516-676-0550) and let him know that you are with the Court Officers at F.O.C.O.
Fraternally yours,
Joe Cannella