Brother and Sister Officers,

Thanks to all our members who stepped forward to sell our 10-13 raffles and all those who responded with great generosity to purchase them, our 10-13 project to assist Court Officer Keith Young was a great success.

We were pleased to bring the proceeds of our raffle sales to the 10-13 event in Saratoga Springs on Saturday May 18th. Keith was very moved by the outpouring of well wishes and support from his brother and sister F.O.C.O. members throughout the state and he would like me to extend his heartfelt thanks to everyone who took part in this effort.

10-13 Raffle Winners 

1st Prize Sgt. Jason Fiet (Amsterdam City Court)
2nd Prize C.O. Mike Fenlon (Suffolk Family Court)
3rd Prize C.O. Paul Giacalone (Saratoga Family Court)

We would also like to salute C.O. Vinny Vallestar, Lt. Chris Foti and  the crew in Saratoga Springs for putting together a very nice event.

Fraternally yours,
Joe Cannella