We are pleased to have donated $1,000.00 to The Interfaith Nutrition Network on Giving Tuesday.  “The INN” runs 19 soup kitchens and provides emergency shelter to individuals throughout the metropolitan area. F.O.C.O. has been a proud sponsor of the INN for over 25 years.  This donation was made possible by the candy sales of F.O.C.O. Charity Coordinator Sgt. Mike Riveiro.

This annual tradition was started 25 years ago by C.O. Dave Alexander (Schenectady & Nassau).  Dave was a former F.O.C.O. executive board member who passed away in 2016 after a long battle with cancer.

He was the single parent of a young daughter.  Some of the funds from this year’s Holiday Raffle will go to Joanna. Our brother’s daughter is our daughter. We have your back “Super Dave”.

Fraternally yours,
Joe Cannella