Brother and Sister Officers,


By now most of you have seen the proposed contract offered by O.C.A. to court personnel represented by C.S.E.A.  We strongly urge all of our members who are in C.S.E.A. to reject this contract.

Court Officers throughout New York State have been risking their lives on a daily basis while working, severely shorthanded, during the past several years.  Our workforce has been greatly reduced due to cutbacks and the hiring freeze, while the amount of cases that we handle has risen.  In good faith we have done our part during the economic downturn to keep the system working and protect the public who seek justice in our courts.

This proposed contract is a slap in the face to all who wear our uniform.  The economy has turned around and O.C.A.’s budget has increased. This contract offer is an abomination; compare it to other civil servant contracts agreed to throughout the state.

Vote “NO”, stay the course.

Please post the attached flier in your court house.