Brother and Sister Officers,

Congratulations to all the members of the Fraternal Order of Court Officers Stair Climb Team for completing the 110 story climb at the National Stair Climb event at Belmont Park.  Our team members came from near and far to honor their brothers, Sgt. Mitch Wallace, Sgt. Tommy Jurgens , Capt. Harry Thompson and all the first responders who lost their lives on  9/11/2001and afterwards.

It was a perfect day for the climb and each of our team members wore a F.O.C.O. memorial tee shirt and  a card honoring Tommy, Mitch or Harry.  As far as I could see, the F.O.C.O. team was the only non Fire Department team at the event.  We were warmly welcomed by all the organizers of the stair climb. I am very proud of all of our team members who took time out of their busy weekends to remember those who gave their lives so that others could live.  It is our obligation to keep the memories of our brothers alive so that future generations of Court Officers and members of other agencies will know of their valor.

Congratulations to the following F.O.C.O. Stair Climb Team Members

C.O. Ricky Arroyo (Team Capt.)   Bronx Supreme

Capt. Robin Gutowski                  Manhattan Civil

Sgt. Laura Golub                          White Plains Supreme

C.O. John Riga                             Nassau Family

C.O. Brendan McDonnell              Putnam County Court

C.O. Devon Bautista                     Yonkers City Court

C.O. Nicole Fioretto                       Richmond Civil Supreme

C.O. Anita Gadsen                         Bronx Criminal Supreme

C.O. Keith Crevatas                       Bronx Criminal

C.O. Michelle Jones                       Nassau District

C.O. Amanda Pannenbacker         Bronx Family

C.O. Eric Robinson                        Nassau District

C.O. John Baxter                           Nassau District (retired)

C.O. Janet Walsh                           Nassau Family – F.O.C.O. 1st V.P.

Support Team Members

S.C.O. Tom Quinn                           Queens Criminal Supreme  – F.O.C.O. 2nd V.P.

Sgt. Frank Barry                              Nassau County Ct. (retired) – F.O.C.O. Chaplain

C.O. Christina Gordon                     Queens Family – F.O.C.O. Membership Committee

Sgt. Joe Cannella                             Nassau District (retired) – F.O.C.O. President


Special thanks to Major Ron Young (retired) who informed us about this event.


Fraternally yours,

Joe Cannella