Dear Sister and Brother Officers,

This year twelve commands took part in our Fifth Annual Pistol Competition from October 25th – 30th. There was a lot of fraternal spirit with commands from across the state competing. Special thanks to project coordinator Ed Margosian for running the competition as well as Frank Barry, Debbie Verity, Sharon Levy, Rob Abarno, and Janet Walsh who volunteered their time to help make the event run smoothly.

The competition was fierce and the bar was set a little higher with Maria Prygon winning the top individual score with a record setting 211. We had our first tie with James Hansen and Desmond Williams coming in third. Kings Family was the top scoring team and had a comfortable margin over the reigning champs, Westchester Supreme, to take the winning trophy.

We thank all of our volunteers and shooters and look forward to next years competition.

Fraternally yours,

Joseph Cannella

The following teams competed in the pistol competition:

Results are at the bottom of the page.

Orange County Supreme Dutchess Family Kings Family Westchester Supreme
Paul DiPierro Toby Morse Roger Singer Mike Prechtel
Doug Liddy GiGi Hickey Daniel Vega Katie Maloney
Max Heinz   David Fagone Rob Mohl
Steve Lilly   Rick Carter Dennis Schmeirer
Tom Danielewski   Edgar Martinez Howie Bellingham
    Desmond Williams Jimmy Hansen
    Danny Deluca  
Queens Family Niagara Supreme Suffolk District Court Orange Family
John M. Kettle Robert Marrale Dan Coyle Ed Corson
Tom Conroy Adam Plunkett Joe Gagnon Justin Giordano
Tom Higgins John Pezzino Rick Linnekin Dave Torres
Mena Fred Fay Erec Burgess Rich Cestaro
Jim Bianco Nicole Gaiser Keith Miller Tom Bohan
Kenny Foster   Steve Curtin  
Jim Saur      
Nassau Family Niagara City Nassau District Nassau Supreme
Steve Ford Maria Prygon Marty D’amico Gregory Piccolo
Terry Aylward Sean Dunn Francis Barry Joe Dentici
Craig Adams Pat Donohue Geoffrey Alster Mike Fauci
Neil Williams Jarad Fritton Terry Ironman Ed Margosian
Joe Masarik Paul Pawenski Joe Giannini Robert Abarno
Maryann Camilleri   Joseph Cannella Gina Ackerman
Paul Relyea   Eric Robinson Mike Campisi

Kings Family Court

Top Five Teams

  1. 1) Kings Family Court – 918
  2. 2) Westchester Supreme Court – 895
  3. 3) Nassau Family Court – 893
  4. 4) Queens Family Court – 892
  5. 5) Nassau District Court – 802

Maria Prygon

John Pezzino

Top Individual Score

  1. 1) Maria Prygon – Niagara City – 211
  2. 2) John Pezzino – Niagara Supreme – 202
  3. 3) James Hansen Westchester Supreme – 201
    Desmond Williams – Kings Family – 201
  4. 4) James Saur – Queens Family – 195